Saturday, September 6, 2008

Silence Breaks with Poetry

I haven't posted all summer, and we'll see whether with 4 APs and 1 Honors I'm allowed to post again. You can find frequent updates at Here is some Elizabeth Barrett Browning for your consideration.

The Best Thing in the World

What's the best thing in the world?
June-rose, by May-dew impearled;
Sweet south-wind, that means no rain;
Truth, not cruel to a friend;
Pleasure, not in haste to end;
Beauty, not self-decked and curled
Till its pride is over-plain;
Love, when, so, you're loved again.
What's the best thing in the world?
-- Something out of it, I think.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Examine Me Happy

Cumulative SAT: 2120
Verbal + Math : 1440
Exam (Latin IV Honors): 96
Exam (Math Analysis/Trig): 100*
Exam (Foods & Wellness): 97
Exam (Journalism): 100
Exam (AP Chem): 95
Exam (Honors English): 99
Gabrielle: Very, very happy

*I was worried I was going to get a C on this... for once, YAY MATH! But don't quote me.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Crappy Reading Luck

I checked out about ten books from the library yesterday and haven't liked any of them. They were all either poorly written or weird. AAH!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Movies, Movies and More Movies

Summer is basically here.

I'm in the throes of exam week, and soon need to understand polar coordinates (WHY, I ask, WHY?) in order to remain stable grade-wise (I have a borderline B, needed to KEEP it that way.) Otherwise, I've seen All About Eve, Hollywoodland, 27 Dresses and lots of other movies. Ah, good cinema is like... something poetic, anyway.

On the upnote: I've finished my harp recital (but not harp lessons), I have three college interviews scheduled and the challenge of giving myself a structured-but-not-structured schedule for my summer.

Once I survive exams.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Making Peace with Debussy

My life is about to change, again.

School is rapidly closing. After prom (which was WONDERFUL and deserving of a separate post), we had standardized testing which took over the schedule. This was my last full week of school. It's crazy how fast this year has gone by.

The summer is shaping up. I'll be working 20-25 hours/week at one job and hope to grab some extra babysitting hours. I'm saving up for our Big European Trip and other things. I'll be suffering in summer school (never did take U.S. History) and doing ballroom dance, and writing like a woman possessed. I have a novel to finish. My writing clips from this summer are probably some of the last that will go on my college resume, because...

I will be applying to college. That scares the crap out of me, some days. College is something you talk about forever in high school, laugh at, cry over, but it's always in the future. Not anymore. I will be talking to admissions officers about my crazed transcript, writing all my essays, filling in all the stuff about being Caucasian and my dad's Ph.D. And reporting my SATs.

Remember when I was whining about the SATs and math prep a few weeks ago? Friends, it paid off. I was shocked, because I seriously expected it to go down, but NO! I am the proud new owner of a 1440 (out of 1600) and 2120 (out of 2400.) I'm now in the middle 50% for name-that-big-Ivy-League-school.

You daydream about this stuff for ages, and now it's happening. I love that. I get a high off of it, this insane feeling that unlike the rest of high school (sometimes), this part is going to count and count for a lot. It will mean something. It will change something.

And I'm very happy to announce that I have made peace with Debussy. I played "La Fille" on my teacher's new piano and surprised myself-- it actually sounded like something semi-good. Who knew?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Losing It

Things I Have Lost




Purse (3 times)*

Driver's permit*

Textbook (Maybe? Where is it?)

Freakin' mind

*: designates item was recovered.

regularly posting to return when mind is found

Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Life in Vignettes

Listening to Relient K's Five Score and Seven Years Ago almost every morning

Spending 2-3 hours on AP Chem every night and realizing I'll still get a C for the year

Crossing out Johns Hopkins from my school list

Looking fabulous every day

Attending the incredible school musical

Becoming a vegetarian (lacto-ovo pescetarian, actually)

Watching the Twilight trailer a bazillion times

Not writing (see: sleep, AP Chem)

Needing shorts

Getting excited about prom

Making plans

Living life

Posting later